YouTube new policy limits viewership

New YouTube policy affects channels under 1000 subscribers

YouTube enacted a new policy in September 2021 which is now garnering attention. The new policy affects channels with less than 1000 subscribers.

Despite conspiracy theories this policy is in response to the anti-vaccine mandate rallies in Canada and now in U.S., this policy was activated in September long before the trucker convoys.

Mobile live stream

Prior to this new change, channels with less than 1000 subscribers were not permitted to use mobile live streaming at all. With this change, channels with less than 1000 subscribers are now allowed to live stream. But, there’s no guarantee the live stream will be available for viewers.

YouTube states they are implementing these changes as a “guardrail” to “prevent abuse and limit those who seek to quickly spread harmful content”. The policy affects the entire platform but what is unclear is what number of viewers will be allowed to view the content.

Prevent abuse

“We’re always exploring new ways to let creators use more features while keeping our community safe,” a YouTube spokesperson said. “To help smaller, aspiring creators, while preventing abuse of mobile live streaming, we’ve created safeguards to limit the spread of potentially harmful content.”

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